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rorabaugh John M. Rorabaugh, JD
"Exoneration of Bail, Part 1"
"Exoneration of Bail, Part 2"
Email: John Rorabaugh
Phyllis Smith Phyllis Smith, MPPA
"Understanding the California Superior Court"
"Bail Studies – Costs and Defendant Rights"
"Bail Studies – "Effectiveness of Bail”
Email: Phyllis Smith
terry Terry Fowler
"The Development of the Bail Bond Industry"
Email: Terry Fowler
Justin Brown
"Fraud in Financial Instruments"
"Penal Code 1275.1 and Federal Anti-Money Laundering Laws"
Email: Justin Brown
karen Karen Hill, JD
"Laws and Regulations: Fundamentals"
"Bail Ethics"
Email: Karen Hill
Dennis Doffing Dennis Doffing
"Electronic Monitoring and the Bail Industry"
Email: Dennis Doffing
Topo Padilla Topo Padilla
"The Criminal Justice System"
"Using Property As Collateral"
"Underwriting Tools"
"Apprehension and Fugitive Recovery"
Email: Topo Padilla
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