Frequently Asked Questions
I've forgotten my password and/or user name. The system can instantly and automatically send your password or user name to the email address that is entered on your account.  Go to the login page and click either the Forget Your Password or Forget Your User Name link, then enter the email address from your BailCE account. Your Password or User Name will be immediately emailed to you.

If you cannot remember the email address or no longer have access to the email on your BailCE account, contact us during business hours at 877-563-3330.
I'm having a problem starting courses, submitting courses, or getting courses recorded as complete.

Click here to read instructions, "How to Take A Course".

Your Internet browser must be properly set up to take online education.  It is preferable to set your browser to allow your computer to communicate freely with the computer. The easiest way to do this is to make a trusted site in your browser. Click here to see how to set your browser to make a trusted site. 

An alternative is to set your browser to have "cookies" enabled. Click here to see how to set up your browser to properly handle cookies.

Your computer  must also have a sound card and speakers installed and working properly so you can hear the instructor's lecture.  If you are taking courses in a noisy office you might consider using headphones instead of speakers.

If you are having problems hearing the instructor or viewing a video, please see the question that deals specifically with this problem.
WHY DON'T MY COMPLETED COURSES APPEAR IN THE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE DATABASE IMMEDIATELY AFTER I COMPLETE THEM? While we have the technical capability to make this happen, the CDI data system does not permit immediate reporting of individual course completions.  We must wait until we have a "batch" of completions and report them in one specially created file.  CDI gives us 30 days to report your course completions, but we report completions every Friday and the first day of each month (sometimes more often).  So you might have to wait a few days for your course completions to appear in the CDI database.  We've tried to get CDI to build an instant reporting system like we use for other professions but they always say they don't have the money to modify their data systems.  Importantly for the agent, it is the date of course completion and not the reporting date that is all CDI cares about, so as long as you complete all your required courses before your license expires you don't have to worry about when they are reported. 
How many hours of CE must I complete to meet the CE requirement for renewing my license? All bail agents must complete 12 hours of CE prior to their license expiration date to meet the CE requirement for license renewal. The prior requirement that first time license renewals only required 6 hours has been deleted from law by CDI, and ALL bail agents must complete 12 hours of CE every two years. 
What do I have to do to renew my bail license? Please click here to check the bail agent license requirements. If you have questions, you can call the CDI Producer Licensing section at 800-967-9331 or 916-492-3035.

There are two main steps to renew a valid bail agent license, and they both must be completed before your license expiration date:

1) complete the online renewal process and pay the renewal fees
2) complete 12 hours of approved continuing education.

In addition to completing the CE requirement, you must submit your online renewal and fees to CDI prior to the end of your license expiration date. The Department no longer accepts paper renewal forms -- all license renewals must be completed online.  Click Here to go to the Department's online renewal page. 

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you complete your continuing education and complete the online renewal process and pay your fees early to avoid delays (you can complete the online renewal process and pay your fees prior to completing your CE). 

You must complete at least twelve hours of continuing education prior to the end of each two-year license period. We report course completions to the Department of Insurance (CDI) each Friday and the first day of the month.  We will submit your completions to CDI in time for your renewal, but you must be sure to complete all required hours prior to the end of your license period.

If you do not complete your education and submit your fees by the end of your license period your license will expire and you must stop transacting bail and cannot resume working until you complete renewal requirements and receive a new license from CDI.  There is no grace period for late renewal, and late renewals are onerous, lengthy and expensive.  To see a flowchart on renewal requirements, including late renewal requirements, click here.
How long are the courses?

BailCE offers many courses so that you can choose the subjects that you need the most.  Each course is worth one hour of CE credit, and will take you at least 60 minutes to complete. You must complete at least twelve of these one hour courses to complete the twelve hour continuing education requirement for relicensure.  The Department of Insurance mandates that you spend the required amount of time in the course, and if you fail to spend sufficient time the system will not give you credit for completing the course.

The system will prevent you from going too fast -- the "Next" button will only become active after the instructor has completed speaking or when other materials like videos have completed.  If your mouse is over the "Next" button before the instructor stops speaking, you may need to move your mouse off the button for the button to become active.

I did not complete my required continuing education or did not pay my renewal fees before my license expired. What do I have to do to renew my bail license?

If you do not submit your renewal fees and complete twelve hours of approved continuing education before your license expiration date, then your license to transact bail is expired.  You may no longer transact bail until you receive a new license from the Dept. of Insurance (CDI).

Renewing an expired bail license is complicated, lengthy, and expensive.  We have prepared a document that explains the process that one must go through to perform a late renewal of a bail license.  Please contact the Producer Licensing Bureau of the Dept. of Insurance for instructions.

The definitive authority for this process is the Producer Licensing Bureau of the Dept. of Insurance.  If you have any questions, please contact them directly at 916-492-3035.  If you leave a message our experience is that they will return your call within one business day.  The staff of this Bureau are all very helpful and willing to answer your questions and help you resolve any problems you may have.  Of course, realize that while they do want to help you, just like you they must comply with the Insurance Code and the insurance regulations found in the Administrative Code. 

How do I launch a course? How do I restart a course that I left without completing?

After registering and purchasing a subscription, log in and you'll be in your Personal Journal.  To launch a new course click on the "Take Courses" link.  You will go to the Course Catalog.  First purchase course credits, then return to the Take Courses page to choose a course and then click on the "Go" link.

If you have started a course and left before it was complete, you will see a notice in the lower right portion of your Journal.  To restart that course where you left, click on the link in that notice.

You are allowed to have only one course in progress at any time.  If you left a course before completion, it was saved and a notice is in your Journal.  If you start that course from the Course Catalog instead of the notice in your Journal, you will lose your place and will have to start the course back at the first page.

If the system has saved a course you have left (your course "in progress"), and instead of launching that course from the notice link you launch a different course from the Course Catalog, you will lose your place in the first course.  It's pretty simple -- you can only have one course in progress at any time.  Each time you launch a course from the course catalog you are starting a new course and erasing any other course you may have in progress. 

Do I have to take all of the required twelve hours at one time?

No. There is no requirement that you take all twelve hours at one sitting. Our courses are each one hour in length and are designed to enable you to earn your continuing education credits one hour at a time. This makes earning your CE very convenient. Whenever you have an hour available, you can take a CE course.

If you'd like, you can do all twelve one-hour courses one after the other, limited to eight courses in one 24 hour period.  Or, you can do one each day until you have twelve completed. You control when you do your courses -- just remember you need at least one hour to complete each course, and you need to complete at least twelve courses (if this is not your first renewal, the first time you renew your license you are required to complete six hours of CE) before your license expires to meet the continuing education requirement for license renewal.  There is also a CDI license renewal fee process you must complete prior to your license expiring.

If you stop in the middle of a course, the system remembers where you were and saves your place.  When you log back in you will see a notice in the lower right hand portion of your Journal indicating that you have a course in progress.  Click on the link to go back to the same place in that course where you were when you stopped.  You are only allowed to have one course in progress at any time.  If you restart the saved course from the course catalog, you will lose your place and will have to start over at page one. If you have a course in progress and start a different course before finishing the first course, you will lose your place in the first course and will have to start that course again at page one.

Do I have to complete a course in one sitting?

If you leave a course without finishing it or if you lose your Internet connection, the system will remember where you were.  When you next log in, you will see a notice and yellow triangle with a link in the lower right portion of your Journal.  Click the link and you'll start that course where you left off.

Remember that you can only have one course active at any time, so if you start another course without finishing the first, you will lose your place in the first course and will have to start that course again from page one.  Also, if you restart a course that is in progress from the course catalog instead of from the notice in your Journal, you will lose your place and will have to start at page one.

When I try to print my course completion certificates I get an error message. Your browser must have javascript enabled in order to print your course completion certificates. Click here for instructions to enable javascript in Internet Explorer.
I launched a course and then, before finishing that course, launched another course. When I go back to the first course I get an error message. Why? As noted in the instructions, in the course catalog, and on the course launch page, you can only have one course active at a time for credit. When you launched the second course the system invalidated the first course. To prevent this from happening, launch and complete only one course at a time.
When I try to launch a new course I get a pop-up message stating that another course is in progress. What does this mean? You can have only one course in progress at a time.  In progress means you have started a course but have not finished it.
If you have a course in progress and leave before finishing it, the system will save your place in that course.  You will find a yellow triangle and message in the bottom right portion of your Student Journal stating you have a course in progress with a link.  Click that link and you'll start the course where you left off.

If you have a course in progress but start a course from the Course Library, even the same course that's in progress, you'll get a pop up message reminding you that you have a course in progress.and ask you if you want to complete the course in progress or abandon it and start the other course.  If you abandon the course in progress, you will lose all the work you've done in that course.
When is my course completed? The system automatically records the time and date when you successfully complete a course. To successfully complete a course, you must spend the required amount of time in the course material (at least 60 minutes per CE hour) and complete the open-book test questions found in the course. The completion time and date are printed on your course completion certificate.
What is the Student Journal? When you register, the system automatically creates your Personal Journal. When you log in, you'll go right to your Journal. From your Journal you can click on the "Take Courses" link to go purchase course credits then go to the catalog and launch courses. Your Journal also tracks all of the courses you have completed and allows you to print course completion certificates and duplicates. You may also update your registration information using a link in your Journal.
Are these courses approved by the Department of Insurance? Will the Department of Insurance accept these courses when I renew my license? CE3000 is approved by the California Department of Insurance as a continuing education provider for bail agents (Provider ID Number 91241), and we're approved to deliver courses over the Internet. Each of our courses are individually approved for continuing education credit by the Department of Insurance. You will find the individual course approval number on the course description page and it will also be printed on your course completion certificate.
How often can I take the online courses? Can I take a course more than once? You may take as many courses as you purchase.  Please remember that the California Department of Insurance will provide you credit for each course only once in each license period.  While you can take any one class only once in a license period, you can take the same course again in the next license period(s).
What happens at the end of my licensing period? What is the Archive? At the end of your licensing period all of the courses you've completed in the prior licensing period will be moved from your Certificates folder to your Archive folder, and the Certificates page of your Journal will be clean and ready for you to begin completing courses for the new licensing period -- no confusing which courses were taken in which licensing period. You may always see the courses you've completed in prior licensing periods by clicking on the Archive link in your Journal.
Do you report course completions to the Department of Insurance? Do I have to print the course completion certificate? All approved providers of continuing education to insurance agents in California (including bail agents) must report course completions to the California Department of Insurance (CDI) so of course we do report your successful course completions to the Department of Insurance via their agent Sircon. While the law gives us thirty days to report your completions, we send course completions to the Department more often than required (every Friday and the first day of each month) and the completions are uploaded to Sircon who is to send them to the CDI database. You can confirm that your course completions have been reported to the Department of Insurance online.  Click the Free Resources tab on the BailCE homepage and click the first link on that page.  You can find your CDI record by name or license number.  The first page shows your license data and status.  Clicking the blue "Continuing Education" box at the top of the page will show you the CE courses you have completed and have been recorded in the CDI database.

We are also required to provide you a course completion certificate, and you are required to print and retain that certificate for at least five years. We therefore recommend you print each course completion certificate and keep them all in a safe place in the event you are audited by CDI.  You can find the link to print your completion course certificates in the "Certificates" folder in your Personal Journal.

While you are required to print and hold onto the certificates, you do not have to send them to the Department of Insurance. You must complete the online renewal process on the CDI website and pay fees before the end of your license period, but you do not have to send in your course completion certificates.

If you complete courses after your license expiration date and fail to complete the continuing education requirement or the CDI online license renewal and payment process, we will still submit your completions to CDI but CDI will not show them in their database.
What do I do if I lose my certificate?

You may print one original course completion certificate at any time using the print button in the Certificates folder in your journal.  You may print a duplicate using the same button.  Duplicate certificates have the same information as an original certificate but the word "duplicate" is printed across them.  A duplicate certificate is as valid as the original.

For security and auditing purposes, each certificate has a unique serial number printed on it to prove that you were the person who completed that course and earned the CE credit. The Department of Insurance can audit these certificates using the unique serial number.

How can I contact Customer Service? You can contact Customer Service via email or telephone.  We recommend email because we can usually respond to you faster and in most cases give you more specific information in response to your question.  Our offices are closed after regular business hours and on weekends, but we do monitor email "after hours."

Email: Contact Customer Service
Phone: 916-923-3334 or 877-563-3330
Can I take any of the courses? I'm a new bail agent and some courses are marked Intermediate or Journeyman. Any California bail agent can take any of the one hour courses in our catalog for credit toward relicensing. We try to offer courses for agents at all levels of experience, and use the ranking system to let you know which courses might be of more interest to your experience level. There is no reason a new agent can't take an Intermediate or Journeyman-level course. After all, isn't continuing education supposed to stretch your knowledge and teach you something new? Experienced agents will benefit from Basic courses to help them brush up on important foundation material. And, there's no stigma to taking a Basic course -- there is some really good information in these courses that even the most experienced agent will find useful.
I have a question about course material. How can I contact the instructor? If you have a question about course material, you can contact an instructor through our email system.  To send an email to an instructor, place your cursor over the "Courses" link and on the drop-down menu that appears click the "Instructors" link.

You can go straight to that page by clicking here.

If you don't receive an answer to your question in a day, please contact us.

Instructors cannot answer questions about registration, group sales, refunds, or technical problems. For answers to these or other questions not related to the course material, contact BailCE directly through our About Us page.
What is your refund policy? You may request a refund for a subscription at any time after registering, purchasing, or viewing a course. Refunds may not be granted after completing a course. Courses for which refunds have been granted will not be reported to the Department of Insurance as having been completed. Click here to read our Refund Policy.  Click here to request a refund.
Do you have an Enrollment Agreement? Yes. You are required to read and agree to this document before you may launch a course. Click here to read the Enrollment Agreement.
I'd like to buy subscriptions for each of my employees. Is there an easier way than having each employee enter a credit card? If you have a group, we can assign subscriptions and invoice your company. If you have a group larger than ten agents, we can do a group entry to save each employee from having to register. We can also provide you with group management tools to allow the group manager to monitor each employee's training progress. Call us at 877-563-3330.
Do I have to buy a course to use the resources on this site? No! We have created the Free Resources page to provide instant information to the bail agent community at no cost. You will find links to the Penal Code, the Insurance Code, the Code of Regulations, the Department of Insurance, law enforcement agencies, courts, and other important resources. Click here to go to the Free Resources page.
Do you monitor courses? How can I be sure to get credit for my work? The Learning Management System has multiple security features to ensure you receive credit for your work and to prevent others from cheating. The system monitors and records your time in the course and may not award a completion certificate if you fail to spend the minimum required time in the material.

Of course, you may spend as much additional time as you need to complete the course.  If you want to go back and hear a slide more than once, please do so -- we don't report how long you spend in a course, so if you missed something please go back. This is one of the best features of Independent Study -- you move forward in a course only when you're ready and nobody but you knows how long you needed to master the material.
What about security? Is my personal information safe? Will you sell it to others? When you register and pay with your credit card, all of that information is encoded to the highest commercial standards so it can't be stolen while being transmitted over the Internet. We maintain the highest levels of physical and electronic security. We never sell our customer's personal information. Only our staff who need-to-know, the credit card processing company, and the Department of Insurance have access to your information.
How secure is my personal information once it gets to you? How can I be sure no one will steal the information or that you will not lose it? Encoding data while in transmission is important, but over 90% of data is stolen the old-fashioned way -- physically from the user.   Keep your personal information secure both at home and at the office.  For example, don't tape your password on your computer monitor or inside a desk drawer -- it's the first place bad guys look.

Importantly, we have multiple layers of security including video and audio surveillance; physical and electronic locks that require multiple keys and passcodes to gain entry; and multiple-layered intrusion detection systems. Additionally, there are redundant environmental monitors that constantly track and report conditions including temperature, humidity, air flow, and several other environmental and network center parameters.

We automatically back up all of our data, and keep those backups in secure safe locations.  For maximum security, we also maintain a redundant data back-up set in a secure off-site location.
Is my information safe? Do you share it with anyone else? We never sell or share your information, and we do not use your information to send you unsolicited offers. The only people able to view your information are our staff who have a need to access your information to perform their duties, regulatory bodies, and those who have legal authority (for example the Department of Insurance). If your subscription was purchased by your employer as part of a group, your employer may see some of your information, such as the courses you have completed and the dates you completed them. Click here to view our privacy policy.
Is it safe to enter my credit card information on your site? This is a very important question, and you should be sure any Internet company you do business with meets the PCI standards of the credit card industry and are SANS/FBI Top 20 Vulnerability Test Compliant. hose pages on the system that require you to enter sensitive information like your credit card number are encrypted via SSL to the highest commercial standards. Encryption simply means that when you send information from your computer to ours, the data is encoded by your computer and then decoded by ours -- if someone between us intercepts the transmission, all they will get is a bunch of garbled ones and zeroes. You will know that you are on an encrypted page when the Address window of your Internet browser program changes from "http://..." to "https://..." (note the "s" for secure), and you see a closed lock icon on your browser. You can try this now -- go up to the Address window of your browser and type an "s" after the "http" and then hit Enter. You'll see a closed lock appear in your browser. If you double-click on the lock, you can check the validity of our SSL certificate.
Why do you have all of these security systems and monitor all of my activities in

Continuing education is designed to accomplish three principle tasks: teach new information, update existing knowledge with changes in the industry, and refresh knowledge that may not be regularly used. We take our job of delivering accredited CE seriously, and as professionals we expect our students to do the same.

Over more than 20 years we have delivered accredited continuing education to many professions including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and bail agents. A continuing education requirement is one indicator of a profession. One mark of professionals is that they take their profession seriously, want to improve their professional performance, and can take responsibility for their actions.

Of course we know that many licensed "professionals" don't act like professionals, including when it comes to completing their CE -- they may think of CE as just another pain that they have to do to keep their jobs; may think that they already know everything they need to do their jobs and don't need education; or simply don't care about their professional performance. We also know there are people who believe they can manipulate any system or that rules don't apply to them. These are the people that inspire the regulations and security measures that everyone must pay for and put up with.

The bottom line is that if you are a professional, you want to learn new things and look forward to the opportunity to have your professional knowledge regularly updated. It's also a matter of basic fairness -- our security systems make sure that you get credit for the time and effort you spend in the courses, and prevent others from getting their certificates without putting in the same effort as you did. 

By delivering a choice of Independent Study courses, allows you to choose the course topics that you most need and allows you to choose when and where you will take your courses. Quite simply, we provide professional education to professionals, and professionals rarely run afoul of our security and tracking systems. 

Why are there test questions in the course? The California Insurance Code requires you to take an open book test to complete the course. We have placed test questions at the end of each section of a course to make sure you understand the previous material prior to moving on to the next course section. After answering the test questions, you click on "Submit" and the test is instantly graded.  If you marked an incorrect answer, you immediately receive a message with an explanation of the missed question. Read this remediation material, enter the correct answer, and resubmit the test.  When all questions are answered correctly, you will move on to the next page of the course.
What are cookies? The system uses cookies to ensure we provide you the proper course material and give you proper credit for your work. Cookies are tiny computer files that act like ID tags during your course work. When you log out the cookies are expired to protect your personal information.
I cannot hear the lecture or see the video. What's wrong?

All of our courses contain audio and some contain video.  Your instructor delivers a portion of his or her lecture on each slide.  You must have a sound card and speakers installed and working on your computer to take our courses.

The audio portion of our courses no longer requires that your computer to have the Flash media player installed. We have updated the audio and video files so they will automatically play in most browsers.  Some browsers have security settings that block audio or video from playing.  If you have problems hearing the instructor or seeing video, you will need to ensure your browser is set to allow audio and video to "auto play".

We have set the videos to automatically play if you have ever clicked a page on  However, browser companies are continually changing the settings in their browsers, and recent security upgrades may have changed and turned off the autoplay feature for videos.

Default Settings for Edge and Chrome are usually set to allow "autoplay".  For Firefox, you may need to enable autoplay.  This is easlly done:

1. Open Firefox

2. Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser page.

3. Click on "Settings" and then "Privacy and Security" (left side of page)

4. Scroll down to Permissions, find and click on "Autoplay"

5.  Click on Settings (to the right of Autoplay)

5.  At the top of the box there is a window with an arrow.  Click the arrow to see three options.  Click on "Allow Audio and Video"

6.  Click on Save Settings.  Exit the Settings window.  The audio and videos in the courses will now automatically play for you in that browser on that computer.  If you use another computer or browser, you will have to set the Audio and Video to autoplay in that browser as well.

OTHER BROWSERS have similar "Auto Play" settings.  If you cannot find them, search Google for "set (name of your browser) to autoplay video" and follow the instructions you are provided.

Can all the agents in my office take courses with one subscription? We could all watch the course on one computer at the same time. No, each agent must register and take their courses themselves. Internet continuing education is based on an independent study education model -- each student launches a course, goes through the material at their own pace, and answers their own quiz questions.
I am interested in becoming an instructor for What should I do? Thank you for your interest in instructing a course. We are eager to hear ideas for new courses from the bail community.  We provide educational and production support to our authors and will pay you to purchase the electronic publishing rights to your course material.  Please contact us with information about the course you'd like to author and your contact information and we'll contact you to discuss your course proposal.
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