To meet the continuing education requirements for license renewal of your two-year license, you must complete twelve (12) hours of continuing education courses before your license expires. Completing any of our courses earns you one hour of continuing education credit, so to meet the requirement you must complete twelve of our courses. We now sell bundles of courses – you can purchase a bundle of 12 courses, a bundle of six courses, or just one course. In the grid to the left you will see the bundles for each number of courses and their prices. Select the product you need and then add it to your cart. View your cart to make sure you have the correct item, and then check out. Once you check out you can start taking your courses.

As you can see from the table to the left, we have had to add the cost of uploading your course completions to CDI. This is a fee that has been implemented by CDI and their new partner Sircon. BailCE did not create these fees, but we must pass them on to you because they are being pulled out of our pocket by CDI. Just FYI, we have not changed our basic price for 6 courses since we started 13 years ago (it has always been $99). When we went to 12 hour batches, we actually dropped the price from $198 (6 hours x 2 x $99) to only $185, we have never increased that cost either. We are sorry to have to pass these costs along, but the entire Sircon implementation has been thrown on all of us and we are doing our best to keep our prices as low as possible, and we hope you appreciate that we have not increased our prices and even dropped our prices when we went to 12 hours.

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